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Backing up a little bit. I finally get to Cerulean, get all patched up, and I figure I'm way too weak to face Misty in all her watery glory. Turns out I'm completely right.

I go to the Nugget Bridge to get a little bit decked out. Unfortunately, Nate is there waiting for me. Damn, I was NOT expecting that. I had a VERY tough battle, even had to burn a super potion, but I managed to win without losing anyone. BARELY. I heal up, and again head to the bridge.

After wiping out the six trainers there (seriously, the trainers in the bridge are pathetic next to Nate), I go into the side brush there to check it out. I'm jumped by probably the thing that could help me the most. An ODDISH appears! GLEE! After Pinky knocks it out with Sing, it's a simple matter of tossing a pokéball at it, and Leafy becomes the newest party member! Now we can defeat Misty! I promptly teach Leafy the TM I got earlier, Bullet Seed.

After fighting a few other trainers on the way to Bill's house, I again step on the next grass right there. I encounter a Caterpie! A welcome addition to our party! Again, Pinky knocks it out and I capture it! Wormy, the Caterpie, joins the other four in my group! Man, five pokémon, I'm almost full here! Let's hope nothing happens to them!

Famous last words, I know.

Still feeling I'm not ready, I go into a house that has been robbed by a member of Team Rocket. I'm told he made off with a TM, holding DIG. Dig is a GREAT move, and I'd love to get that TM. I leave the house through the back door.

Sure enough, the Team Rocket guy is standing right there. Top notch work right there, Mr. Police Officer. Seriously. He was standing RIGHT OUTSIDE. What a dweeb.

Guy tries to intimidate me. Fails. Challenges to a duel. Sigh. I smash him into outer space, and get the TM back from him. The owner, however, doesn't seem too interested in getting it back. Oh well! Finder's keepers! Route 5 is my next destination, and I'm hoping to find a Meowth there! I love Meowth, such a cool pokémon!

No such luck, however. Again, I'm jumped by an Oddish. Oh, well. Back to Misty! I'm pretty sure I can take her now! Naturally, both of the pre-Misty trainers are wimps. I wipe them out, heal up, and challenge Misty to a one-on-one.

Misty, however, was not a walk in the park. Sure, Pinky ONE-SHOTTED Staryu with a Mega Kick after putting it to sleep, damn. But Starmie... that's a different matter altogether. You must understand just HOW destructive Starmie is. A single attack from it took Pinky from green to red. ONE. ATTACK. Crap.

I put Leafy into play, and Bullet Seed Starmie into oblivion. Or, more realistically, into lower green health. Starmie puts Leafy into yellow, however. Another Bullet Seed, Starmie is at yellow, while Leafy is now almost dead. I super potion Leafy, just to get Swifted again. I switch Leafy. You have to understand, though, that there was nothing I could do. If I put Hothead in there, even with his higher level, he'd be in extreme danger! I...

I had to sacrifice Pecky. It pains me to say so. But I was forced to. I put Pecky in to buy me time to heal Leafy. Pecky falls to Starmie. I truly feel sorry, but there was nothing I could have done. Leafy goes back in.

Bullet Seed. Starmie is going down, is going dooooown... GODDAMN IT, 1 hp! Bastard! As I get ready to Bullet Seed him once more to be done with this, Misty super potions him! CRAP! Again, I'm forced to switch Leafy, for he is almost dead, and put in... another sacrifice. Wormy. Wormy gets chosen, and again it pains me.

Wormy dies,  for the same reason as Pecky. Starmie took down two of my friends. And, for that, Starmie will pay.

Leafy jumps back in. Leafy wants BLOOD. Leafy unloads Bullet Seed onto Starmie, critting it twice. This time, there was nothing Misty could have done. Justice is meted out, and Starmie has been put to sleep. Murderer.

The Cascade Badge is finally mine.

But at what cost?

I decide to continue my journey, at least until Vermillion. I am definitely not ready to face WILL again, not psychologically, so I decide to just walk up to Vermillion and back. On the way, Leafy evolves. No longer a green plant, Leafy evolves from an Oddish into a Gloom! Good stuff.

And Route 6 holds a surprise for me. The pokémon I mentioned I really wanted? Meowth shows up to greet me, as if wanting to join us. I comply. Whiskers joins our party! We head back to Cerulean, our objective complete. WILL definitely does not know what awaits him.

-- Pallet Town (Charmander -> Charmeleon - Hothead)
-- Route 1 ( -- )
-- Viridian Town ( -- )
-- Route 2 ( -- )
-- Viridian Forest ( -- )
-- Pewter Town ( -- )
-- Route 22 ( -- )
-- Route 3 (Jigglypuff - Pinky)
-- Mount Moon (Zubat - Sparkles (Deceased))
-- Route 4 (Spearow - Pecky (Deceased))
-- Route 24 (Oddish -> Gloom - Leafy)
-- Route 25 (Caterpie -> Metapod -> Butterfree - Wormy (Deceased))
-- Route 5 ( -- )
-- Route 6 (Meowth - Whiskers)

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