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Page 0 - Introduction

Hello, world! Let's get this Pokémon adventure started!

This blog was created to keep track of the (mis)adventures of my Pokémon trainer (called Lily) on my Nuzlocke Challenge for the game Pokémon - Fire Red. It is the counterpart of WILL's game (http://nuzlockepokemonrun.blogspot.com/), he is running Leaf Green.

What the hell is this 'Nuzlocke Challenge' thing, you may ask. Well, it so happens I have an answer! The Nuzlocke Challenge was conceived by a guy on the internet (as is usually the case). It relies on three simple (and mandatory) rules, with a few optionals as well.

1 - There is no fainting. If your pokémon reaches 0 HP, it is dead. You should release said pokémon at your first chance, never using him / her / it again.

2 - You must only catch the first pokémon you encounter in any given region. If you are unable to catch it, too bad, it is gone and you cannot catch another one in that route.
3 - You must always nickname every pokémon you catch. This rule makes you grow attached to the pokémons you do catch, making a bond with them, and making it especially painful to lose one that has been with you for a long time.

These three rules cement the grounds for Nuzlocke. We are also playing with a few optional rules.

1 - You may only use one potion per encounter, be it with a trainer or a wild pokémon.

2 - You may not catch unique pokémon (such as the legendary birds, Snorlax, so and so). You MAY, however, accept pokémon "given" to you (such as Eevee and Lapras).
3 - No fishing allowed whatsoever. You can only catch pokémon in water via surfing. Normal rules apply.

That's the gist of it. I hope you, ghost reader, enjoy reading as much as I enjoy playing and writing!

I guess it's time to get started. Wish me luck.

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