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Page 2 - Into the forest

Ok, creepy, some old guy just forced me to learn how to catch pokémon, and gave me a... tv? What the hell? I'm sure as hell not going to turn that thing on. Ever. Eww.

After stocking up in supplies (potions, antidotes and paralyze heals), I'm off to continue my adventure! I step unto Route 2. A Rattata accosts me, but it so happens that Hothead BURNS HIM TO THE GROUND. So hard that I can't even attempt to catch it. DAMN IT, Hothead! Well, one route down. Might as well train Hothead up a bit. After that... Viridian Forest.

I hear this place is just like a natural maze. Great. Also, many bugs. GREAT. Sigh. In we go. And a Weedle we see. DAMN IT HOTHEAD DON'T DO IT

Yeah, we know what we're having for dinner. Roast worm. Freaking fire lizard. Our second fight is against a certain electric rat that everyone knows. Charmander gleefully toasts it, but not before it inflicts some damage on us. Time to heal up, Hothead!

We breeze through the rest of the forest after healing up. Hothead's fire just burns everything to the ground! He even learns a new move, METAL CLAW. Looks like we're not even going to NEED any other pokémon!

After battling the trainer that stands before Brock, of the Pewter City Gym, I figured I couldn't take the main man himself. I went back to Viridian to check out Route 22, running through the forest AGAIN. Damn bugs. After nothing of note, we finally get to Route 22. Where we, once again, meet... Nate. Goddamn it. He has a Pidgey, and I still don't have any more buddies, only Hothead! Well, not an issue, he takes care of both the bird and the turtle easily. The problem is, he was still too fired up about the battle against Nate, so Hothead killed, once again, my only shot at capturing a pokémon in this route. DAMN IT!

Oh well. Time to bite the bullet. I won't be able to do anything. I'll have to fight Brock. With a single Charmander. BRING. IT. ON.

P.S. - Did I say Charmander? Oops.

Hothead rules!

-- Pallet Town (Charmander -> Charmeleon - Hothead)
-- Route 1 ( -- )
-- Viridian Town ( -- )
-- Route 2 ( -- )
-- Viridian Forest ( -- )
-- Pewter Town ( -- )
-- Route 22 ( -- )

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