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Page 3 - Rock Tomb indeed!

So, here we are, Brock, face to face. Let's rock.


Erhm. Anyway. Time for my first battle for a badge! For a recap, I had already demolished the trainer that stood right before Brock, and evolved Hothead into a Charmeleon. As per the Nuzlocke Challenge rules, I had already visited every available route, and failed to capture any pokémon in every one. That left me with only a level 16 Fire pokémon to stand against the first gym leader, specialized in Rock pokémon. Well, so be it.

I face him, and challenge him. He gives me a lecture about rock-hard will, yadda yadda. He breaks out his Geodude, and I call Hothead up to the stand. A simple Metal Claw crit brings him down, before Geodude can even react. Nice going, Hothead!

Next up is the huge stone snake, Onyx. That one is a bit tougher. My first Metal Claw takes about 1/3 of his health. Right after I attack, I think I'm screwed - Onyx uses Rock Tomb! Oh, gods.

Oh gods INDEED! Rock Tomb misses! I follow up with another Metal Claw, bringing him to the lower yellows! This is going to be a piece of cake! Onyx then Binds me, but he's too damaged to last much longer - A third Metal Claw, and down he goes! The Boulder Badge is mine!

Pewter City's Gym - The Boulder Badge

Fancy! Well, time to hop to the Poké-Center, heal up, and wait for my duel with WILL!

-- Pallet Town (Charmander -> Charmeleon - Hothead)
-- Route 1 ( -- )
-- Viridian Town ( -- )
-- Route 2 ( -- )
-- Viridian Forest ( -- )
-- Pewter Town ( -- )
-- Route 22 ( -- )

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