quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2010

Interlude 1 - JUGGLER WILL

Time to face my nemesis in battle! WILL! ARE YOU READY?

Let's do this, buddy. After setting everything up to work via Hamachi (which took a surprisingly long time), we face off inside the Wireless Club. I talked to the only guy in there. WILL. Who was, apparently, a wizard!

I put on my robe and wizard hat!

You may notice I apparently have two pokémon up there. That's because I had to have two pokémon to join the Wireless club. So I caught a random pidgey just to be able to enter. I've already released him / her, and he / she didn't even count in the battle.

Anywho! I start off, naturally, with Hothead! WILL's first pokémon is a spirited Mankey! Very low level, however. A furry animal can't stand the fury of my FLAMES!

Monkey down! I repeat, Monkey down!

Problem is... Then came the thing that I was afraid of. MACE. I was hoping it was still a Squirtle - I'd have a chance. But, alas... it was now a Wartortle. I tried all my attacks versus the thing (yes, even Ember), to no avail. A combination of one Ember, one Metal Claw and two Scratches only took him down to half health, while two Water Guns got half of mine. At the end, when Hothead only had 10 hp left, WILL decided to toy around, using Defense Curl (I think)! Bastard.

But, then... came the coup de grace. MACE tackled Hothead. MACE critted. Hothead fainted. We lost...

A sad day...


Alas, we lost. But there will be rematches. We will try again! And! WE! WILL! SUCCEED!

Now, back to our regular schedule.

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