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Page 1 - First steps

Our Pokémon journey has started! Are you as excited as I am?

I will be playing the game Pokémon - Fire Red, as previously stated, concurrently with Deimos, who will be playing Leaf Green. The details can be found in the previous post. This is the start of the adventure.

After the introduction to the world of Pokémon, by Professor Oak (depicted below), we are all set to start! Let's do so.

The Pokémon Professor

He asks me if I'm a boy or a girl. Lily is usually a girl's name, so the answer is kind of obvious.
Damn skippy!

And, in true old man style, he can't even remember his grandson's name! Great going, grandpa, I'm sure he'll love you just the same.
Aww, poor widdle Nate!

After fiddling with my NES (gotta love playing Zelda!) and using the computer to retrieve a potion from the Nexus (TECHNOLOGY!), I go downstairs to meet my mother. She gives me the usual spiel, about how girls usually dream of traveling, and how it said so on TV. What, mom? Really?

Anywho. She ALSO tells me that Professor Oak, who lives next door to me (and, mind you, didn't even know my name!) was looking for me. Let's go see him!

Aaand of course he's not around. Damn old guy! Well, I'll go to the forest to relax, what do you say? On the way, some guy yells at me to stop. Turning around, I see that the Professor finally caught up. He tells me how dangerous it is to go alone (heh, I almost expected him to give me the Master Sword). I accompany him back to his lab. He lets me pick a pokémon out of three that he has. Nate, meanwhile, bitches and moans about how he wants one too. Gets told off by the old guy, though. Heh. In your face, crybaby.

Out of the three available, my choice is clear! I've always had a thing for fire...

Charmander, I choose you!

Yeah, I think me and little Hothead will grow to be great friends! Naturally, though, Nate has to be an ass, and takes the half-squirrel half-turtle freaky thing out of spite, and is enough of a brat to declare that HIS pokémon looks a lot tougher than mine. THE NERVE! Of course, I duel him to make him prove his point!

Of course Hothead kicks his little turtle thing into orbit. Hell yeah Hothead! Off to Viridian! Nothing of note happens during the trip, not even a measly mouse to jump me in the grass. Oooh well. I stop by the Poké Center to check it out, it looks awesome. I hope I don't have to spend much time in those in the future. The next stop is the Poké Mart, to get some pokéballs. I want to make more friends! A guy tells me to bring a parcel to the Professor, though. Won't even let me shop! Sigh. Here we go, I guess...

Almost nothing happens on the way back. When I'm ready to give my LAST STEP into Pallet, I'm jumped by a Pidgey. Sigh... Of course, Hothead makes short work of it. I finally hand out the parcel to the professor, and get ready to go on my wa - Oh, wait. Nate shows up. Exquisite. The Professor gives us both PokéDexes, to index pokémon around the world. Oh, and also five pokéballs. GLEE! Off to Viridian FOR GOOD!

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