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Page 5 - Thunderdome! Two pokémon enter, one pokémon lives!

Another day, another pokémon diary entry!

Entered Mount Moon, finally. I gotta say, I freaking HATE caves. Too many encounters, too many Geodudes, too many Zubats.

Hey, what do you know. A Zubat attacks me. SIGH! Might as well make the most of it. Pinky sings to him, and a single pokéball lets me get another friend to join the group. I name him Sparkles, after the famous-most vampire, this side of the sunshine.

After a bit of walking, I find a Moon Stone! Woo, Pinky is going to become a Wigglytuff some time in the future!

Right by the Moon Stone, I find stairs. Down we go, and, after a few steps... A trainer battle! Team Rocket guy, eh. Well, should be easy.


Hyper Fang is RIDICULOUS! A single hit took all of Sparkles's life! SPARKLESSSSSSS

In a bout of rage, Pinky and Hothead destroy the remainder of the trainers on my way, allowing me to grab a fossil (I don't even remember which one it was), and leave this HORRENDOUS cave, never to return, hopefully.

As I step out of the cave, sunshine hits my eye. THANK. GOD. Route 4 poses new possibilities. I hope I don't lose another pokémon, like I lost Sparkles.
I see two guys, facing each other. I'm afraid it's going to be a double battle. Turns out, it's just two cool guys, one who is a punch freak, the other who is a kick freak. They teach a pokémon Mega Punch and Mega Kick (only once each, though). Pinky now has two mega weapons on his arsenal!

A little ways forward, a patch of grass! I jump the natural barrier to check it out. I'm jumped by a...
Spearow! Sing makes it easy to take him down. Now we have a bird in our little party! Hopefully, Pecky (his name) won't fall to those electric rats, like a certain other avian...

Current party:

Left to right, top to bottom:
Hothead, Pinky
Sparkles (deceased), Pecky

This is my group as of me just entering Cerulean. Let's hope they can stay with me for a long time.

-- Pallet Town (Charmander -> Charmeleon - Hothead)
-- Route 1 ( -- )
-- Viridian Town ( -- )
-- Route 2 ( -- )
-- Viridian Forest ( -- )
-- Pewter Town ( -- )
-- Route 22 ( -- )
-- Route 3 (Jigglypuff - Pinky)
-- Mount Moon (Zubat - Sparkles (Deceased))
-- Route 4 (Spearow - Pecky)

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