quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2010

Page 4 - Pinky joins the party!

Yay! A new friend! I shall name her Pinky!

After finishing up Brock, I headed to Route 3 to carry on with my journey. Tons of trainers on the way, though. Sigh. Me and Hothead fought our way through, until we hit a grass patch. Ooh. Let's see!

The first pokémon we see is... A Jigglypuff! Woo! I take extra care so that Hothead doesn't burn everything to the ground. AGAIN.

Four pokéballs go straight at her. The last one traps her. A Jigglypuff joins the party!

Yay! Pinky!

So, it looks like me and Hothead aren't alone anymore! Let's see... Apparently she is of a BRAVE nature. That means she has extra attack, in lieu of speed. A brave Jigglypuff... Hmm...


Probably not like that, no. Still! Pinky! YAY!

Quite true, lass!

-- Pallet Town (Charmander -> Charmeleon - Hothead)
-- Route 1 ( -- )
-- Viridian Town ( -- )
-- Route 2 ( -- )
-- Viridian Forest ( -- )
-- Pewter Town ( -- )
-- Route 22 ( -- )
-- Route 3 (Jigglypuff - Pinky)

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